My brother man and sister woman, society is swarmed by 100 percent materially minded people. Materially minded people only believe in what they see, hears and feels. For instance, materially-minded people believe planet earth exists because it is visible to them, but to believe in the existence of other worlds which they cannot see goes beyond their horizon.

Thankfully, the intermittent confessions of some local witches and wizard, young boys and girls initiated into witchcraft confirms the existence of another unseen world aside planet earth. They’ve made materially minded people realize, you don’t need your physical body to function on the astral plane. What you need is your astral body and that is only possible when you fall asleep.

My brother man and sister woman, I don’t blame you, I bear you no grudge if you are one of those who do not believe in the existence of other invisible worlds aside planet earth.

Without spiritual development, an ordinary human being cannot proceed beyond planet earth and consciously function in the invisible worlds which the material eyes cannot behold. That’s why those of us on the spiritual path never tries to influence the belief system of another human being, but I want to make clearer other worlds exist which your human eyes cannot see.

With your physical body, you function on planet earth with your astral body, you function on the astral plane with your mental body, the body you make use of whenever you are thinking you function on the plane.

The truth is, we depart from planet earth to visit the invisible worlds either with our astral body or with our mental body. As a human being, you possess a physical body, an astral body, and a mental body. Whether you believe it or not does affect the issue.


My brother man and sister woman, planet earth is surrounded by the astral plane and countless intelligent spiritual beings, good and evil reside there. Also, the moment a brother man dies, the departed soul must first reside in the astral plane and the purity level of the dead soul determines which of the heavens it will domicile. I intend to focus on the most popular of all the spirits of nature, they are termed water spirits. Actually, I would have not called them spirits because of their composition, of a truth I tell you, they have flesh, blood, and bone. They have their coral homes, where they live and have children.

Not only that, they eat, talk, act and sleep and consequently they cannot be properly called spirits but because they are invisible to the human eyes, they can be termed sub-human beings. Of a truth, I tell you, water spirits are held in high esteem and revered by pagans. Of a truth, I tell you, water spirit is present wherever there is a collection of water.

There are many families of the water spirit, each with its peculiar limitations. Some inhabit in the oceans and rivers, and in a flash, certain spiritually sensitive people can see them at the shores. Water spirits inhabit the waterfalls, other groups dwell in clear mountain lakes, small streams, etc.

Under normal circumstance, water spirits are supposed to stay put and move about only in the element of water but obviously, that is not the case. For centuries, they are so into human beings, in fact, occasionally water spirits assume the appearance of normal human beings and physically associate with brother men and sister women on planet earth.   


My brother man and sister woman, of a truth I tell you, water spirits represents as it were, the connection between the astral plane and the physical plane. Water spirits, residing in the element of water are the tools for the major occurrences taking place on planet earth.

Of a truth, I tell you, water spirits are often behind major effects taking place in the astral body of human beings, they are interested in. Let me put it in another way, water spirits have mammoth power over the astral bodies of human beings, which means at the slightest provocation they can cause enormous damage through the astral bodies of human beings.

Of a truth, I tell you the activities of water spirit cause what is known to us as magnetic fluid. They use this fluid whenever they want to create effects, whenever they want to influence planet earth. Water spirits are very emotional and their nature is that of Scorpio.  


 My brother man and sister woman, of a truth I tell you, water spirits are so interested in human beings and many of them crave to experience life on planet earth and that is only possible if they can get hold of a human body whose souls is at the verge of departing from it.

I have heard stories of certain clinically confirmed dead people regaining consciousness. For me, occurrences like these are no miracles and you know why? The hour of death has not come, that’s why the so-called dead person regained consciousness.

For instance, a coma patient may not be physically conscious of his environment but the soul of the patient is still attached to that human body and the soul sees everything the medical doctors, nurses, and visitors are doing. Eventually, if the patient comes out of the coma, he might vividly describe most of the occurrences that took place while he was in a coma.

My brother man and sister woman, quite a number people clinically confirmed dead, resurrected or regained consciousness because the hour of death has not come, that’s why their souls returned and re-activated their human bodies in the state of catalepsy. On the other hand, however, in certain rare cases, the body of a clinically confirmed dead person might have been re-activated and brought back to life by a spirit and not the soul previously occupying that body.  

A water spirit that has attained a certain level of spiritual maturity might decide to take possession of a human body and have direct dealings with the human kingdom, let me tell you how this is done. A water spirit might hover around planet earth looking for a fairly healthy human body whose soul is about to depart from it. Of a truth I tell you, a water spirit is interested in a human body dying from a heart attack, inflammation of the lungs or perhaps road accident.

However, a water spirit is not interested in human bodies that have been ravaged by tuberculosis and other vital organs destroying diseases, because it is extremely difficult to revitalize and restore harmony in such human bodies. A water spirit will hang around a human body about to die, and the moment the linking thread that connects the human body, soul and mind tears apart, the water spirit instantly gets hold of the human body and builds up a new thread between itself and the human body.

Of a truth, I tell you, the water spirit will form its astral body according to the shape and size of the human body it has seized. My brother man and sister woman, through this procedure, a water spirit becomes a human being in a borrowed human body. The soul of the original owner of the human body is gone and the water spirit is now the new occupant of the body.

Of course, a water spirit, being a spirit, can perfectly continue to play the role of the original owner of the human body. The spiritually ignorant relatives of the truly dead person might tell anyone who cares to listen, their sick brother man died and miraculously came back to life and in fact recovered from the sickness that killed him.

Of a truth I tell you, the water spirit turned human being will carry out many terrible assignments on planet earth. The water spirit turned human being can actually marry and have children. Eventually, when death comes to that physical body, the water spirit will return to the ocean or river and live there as a proper water spirit. In the same vein, I want to make clearer, sorcerers often persuade water spirits to get hold of the bodies of beautiful sister women and make use of them to carry out certain assignments on planet earth.





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