Why Do Water Spirits Envy Us?

The Origin Story of Water Spirits

We have four elements of nature namely Earth, Water, Air, and Fire. The most powerful element of all is water. Without water, no living thing can survive on planet Earth. Water is also extremely important in religious worship. If it was not important, the Master Jesus would have not told Nicodemus “Except a man be born of water and of the spirit he
cannot enter the kingdom of God”. Without water, there will be nothing like baptism and spiritual revival in the church. Of a truth, I tell you, waters swallow up the earth, extinguish flames, ascend on high, form clouds, and fall to the earth becoming the cause of all things that grow on the earth. Water spirits, popularly known as Mermaids or referred to as Orisha Osun by the ancient Yorubas, are spirits that reside in the water and are in charge of water. Spiritually, water is the beginning of everything.

There are two forms of water spirits; the good water spirits and the bad water spirits. The good ones are not interested in compelling or persuading human beings to worship them; they are also not interested in harassing us. In contrast, bad water spirits are perennially interested in having dealings with us. In the eyes of bad water spirits,
humanity is nothing more than a herd of sheep that should be caged, drained, and eventually slaughtered. Bad water spirits are the types of water spirits capable of envy. They are actively present in the lives of countless human beings on Earth. They monitor and thwart every move made by humans to succeed in life. Whatever makes human
beings happy makes them sad, and whatever makes human beings sad makes them hysterically happy. A bad water spirit is happy when people they are interested in experience failure, setbacks, heartbreaks, near-success syndrome, and other forms of negativity. They mourn when their hostages succeed in anything they are doing on earth.

“Most people with spiritual relationships with bad water spirits know that they are being monitored and prevented from achieving their goals in life.”

This deep-seated hostility and envy have been in existence since the beginning of creation. The almighty God rested on the seventh day, and the process of creation came to an end. Human beings were fully formed, and water spirits were partially formed; they were created part human and part fish. Water spirits were deeply unhappy about their appearance and the way they were formed has been a source of constant worry and disappointment for them. They would have felt much better looking like human beings, after all, they exhibit many human traits like eating, talking, reproducing, and electing leaders.

Disappointed and angry water spirits thought to themselves, “Wait a minute, we share many characteristics with human beings; therefore, we can easily interact with them, manipulate their thoughts, and cause ejaculation in brother-men and sister-women”. Of a truth I tell you, when human beings ejaculate, bad water spirits instantly hover around the sperm, spilling out of the sexual organs of brother men and sister women and making use of it. They will obtain spiritual essence from the sperm and use it to impregnate themselves. Eventually, they will give birth to babies possessing the characteristics of human beings and water spirits. Much later, the marine babies will grow up and start having sex with sleeping human beings. Sexual intercourse between a water spirit and a human being means water spirits are clothing themselves in human bodies. Babies from such unions will inherit all the physical traits of a human being but the spiritual traits of water spirits.

We are not alone in this world. Water spirits, clothed in human flesh, exist side by side with human beings.

Family Water Spirits and Bloodlines

Most African families are equally helping bad water spirits perpetuate their presence in the human kingdom. The ancestors of most African families worshipped water spirits and the spiritual contact between human families and the marine kingdom can continue for centuries. This is the main reason why water-spirit-related problems persist.

If Madam Caro, who is a devotee of the marine kingdom, has four children and suddenly decides to give her life to Christ, the angry water spirit will quickly reconnect with her children or their offspring to make their lives miserable. If Madam Caro dies, the water spirit might follow her soul from one reincarnation to the next until the spiritual
bond she had with it is broken. Even after Madam Caro’s death, the water spirit-related problems will persist in her family from one generation to the next. It is extremely difficult to break the spiritual connection most people have with the marine kingdom.

The Agenda of Water Spirits

Bad water spirits have their secret agenda which is to gain access to the human kingdom to achieve their goal, and the best way to infiltrate the human kingdom is to clothe themselves in a human body. That is the major reason why water spirits hysterically crave interbreeding with human beings. Most people know nothing about the spiritual power embedded in sperm. Quite a number of pastors who can no longer wait for the genuine anointing of the Holy Spirit pay hotel cleaners to obtain used condoms for them. The used condoms containing sperm will be used to perform certain diabolical rituals, and the spiritual powers raised from these rituals will enable them to perform miracles. Of a truth, I tell you, any type of destructive or addictive behavior attracts bad water spirits. Water spirits influence the minds of weak people to become sexually promiscuous so that they will continuously supply them with free sperm emanating from ejaculation. Most human beings are following the water spirit’s subtle subconscious directives.

Water spirits are the major source of sexual exploitation, sexual addictions, and perversions. They might have a hand in a lonely, sex-starved housewife having sex with her driver or gateman. Promiscuous husbands and wives, promiscuous young stars, runs-boys and runs-girls, politicians who indulge in twosomes or threesomes in the
hotel, and other sexual proclivities, all work together to help water spirits obtain an enormous amount of sperm, which is a potent source of nourishment from the human kingdom. Certain promiscuous Christians cast and bind water spirits in the church; interestingly, when they come out of the church, they will still be the ones to supply
water spirits with an enormous amount of sperm, which will definitely help them achieve their goals.


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